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A freelancer with T-shaped skills. Specialized in visual and interaction design.
You can hire me as a freelancer for specific task within your team, or as a contractor to finish your website, mobile apps, webshop or online application.
I do smaller project alone, for bigger ones, I ask for help.
That's what you callCloud Freelancing!


Yes, I am currently available
for challenging projects, gigs or
telecommuting position as a
Visual designer and/or Interaction Designer.Contact me!

Currently Available for Hire
Webdesign Example
C-Toets Webdesign ExampleNonstop Expo Webdesign ExampleSUM Webdesign ExampleFarmfeed Webdesign Example


The act of designing a website is not merely putting color in a blank canvas (and be happy when it's looks good). It more the act of conveying emotion, meaning and message to each target group.

Webdesign is also not the same with print design. It's more interactive, and sometimes unpredictable across browsers and platforms.

I am specialized with designing for online media. I know what's possible and what's not (yet). I'm keeping myself updated with newest technology and play with it until my hands are dirty. I know how to bring your message through.Want to know more?

User Interface Design

  • In my webshop, what kind of icon suitable to convey the feeling of security?
  • How to show the user that the the discount will expire soon?
  • What type of font gives a sense of urgency?

UI design defines, emphasize and clarify the conceptual model of an application. By putting more effort on each detail elements of our application, we can support business goals and ensure the smoothest experience for our user.

UI Design means closer look at the detail, even to the smallest elements. Think about icon design, panel design, font hierarchy, consistency, color choice and how to combine everything into one style guide.

See here the previous user interface projects I did.

Example of User Interface Design : Input used in Ctoets.nlUI Webapplication design of iReserve, booking systemSnippet of GUI design of PersonalCoach.nlBlog design of spilter.nl
Panel of Webapplication FlibzUI Webapplication design of iReserve, booking systemGUI design of PersonalCoach.nlPanel of Webapplication Flibz
Example of User Interface Design : CIDN Widget UitburoUI Webapplication design of iReserve, booking systemGUI design of PersonalCoach.nlPanel of Webapplication Flibz
Mobile Apps Design

Mobile Apps Design

Designing for smaller screen is another league in it's own. We need to concern ourselves with the space (or the lack thereof) within mobile screen. However, it's means that it's very interesting and challenging to design within the limited space we are provided of.

The challenge doesn't stop there. Mobile usually used 'on the way'. It means that we won't get full attention from our user. So our application design need to be concise and clear.

Front-end development

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Javascript
  • AJAX
  • JQuery
  • JSON
  • Cross Browser Compatibility
  • W3C Standard
  • Accesibility

After defining the interaction and designing the visual, front-end development brings our concept to live. It's about the behaviour of our website. The animation, 'percieved' speed and the experience of interactivity.

I write clean, semantic, understandable code. Making sure that the code can be read and interpreted easily by both human and machine.

Example of User Interface Design : CIDN Widget Uitburo
Example of User Interface Design : CIDN Widget Uitburo
Example of User Interface Design : CIDN Widget Uitburo

Webshop and Cms Integration

Long begone is the era of static website. Now it'd become easier than ever to manage and change content within your organization. CMS become more advanced, and able to accomodate whatever content strategy you have in house.

I use mostly open source engine, such as Wordpress for Content Management System and Magento for Webshop.

Think we can fit?

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Lya Santoso
lya[at]fleea.nl or fleea[at]live.com
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